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Below we have listed a few of the most common problems  the Ford Mondeo suffers from. If you see you fault below and you wish to find out the causes, the cures and how to fix it then sign up for membership. Can you afford not to? There are many more problems that we haven't listed but we can still help you save money getting your car back to full health.

Excessive movement of the engine
A very easy problem to solve and easily identified.

Cam belt noisy on cold start.
There are a couple of ways round this and we can help you pick the right course of action.

Clicking from front
A common problem with the Mondeo and best left to the professionals but make sure the correct work is carried out.

Loss of drive
The 97 Mondeo can suffer with a loss of drive, we'll help you identify the cause and the recommend the appropriate action to fix it.

Brake fluid loss.
This can be caused by various things, with our help you can narrow down the cause.

Damp musty smell from air conditioning. 
We have to solution to this concern without the need to replace any parts.

Noise when turning
If a Mondeo makes a loud noise when turning right then we have the answer and it's quite possible the fix will only cost you a little time.

Remote programming.
If the programming sequence doesn't work then we know a little trick of the trade to get things up and running again.

Alarm /remote inop
On 93 Mondeo's if the alarm / Remote or Central Door Locking is inop, then it could be a known wiring fault, which with a little work can easily be found and cured.

Airbag light flashing
This doesn't always mean an expensive trip the the garage, we can tell you what the flashing light means and what to do about it.

Duratec V6 2500 engine
It is possible that the V6 Duratec 2500 ltr engine can suffer from camshaft failures. This is very important information to V6 owners.

Mondeo 1.8 Diesel oil light flickering
Don't panic just yet! This may not be as worrying as first thought and it have a cheap and easy cure.

2500 V6 Over heating
This could be another simple problem that has disasterous consequences if not addressed. For a couple of hours work you could save yourself a very expensive bill.

Knocking from the front suspension
With a few possible causes we can help you narrow down the offending component and help you replace it.

'97 Mondeo Blower inop. 
If the blower inop on settings 1,2,3 and is sometimes accompanied by a burning smell, then we know the cause and it is easily cured.

Mondeo 93 heater blower poor performance
Should a heater blower suddenly have a very poor performance and a change in operating noise or work for a few seconds only and then stop blowing, then this could be a very simple and cheap problem to fix.

New Shape Mondeo Tailgate not staying shut

A particularly annoying fault where the tailgate opens as normal but then will not shut. The cure is fairly simple although a little awkward

97 Mondeo Boot release

There are a couple of things to look at if the boot release isn't working.

2001 Mondeo tailgate not shutting

We are starting to get cases of the New shape Mondeo tailgate not shutting, they will open as normal but then will not lock shut.

2001 Mondeo Handbrakes sticking on

There are a few modifications to the Mondeo handbrakes, most of which should have been carried out as part of the recall program but the new Mondeo handbrakes still have a tendency to stick on. Tell tales signs are a very poor handbrake efficiency and premature wear of the rear pads, we've even seen cases of the rear wheel trims partially melting due to the heat of the hand brake being permanently on.

2001 Mondeo Knocking from rear

We are starting to see quite a few Mondeos with knocking noises from he rear.  In almost all cases the fault is the same item.

Mondeo '93 Poor idle

Various possible causes and the one is perhaps a little less known

Mondeo '97 Boot locks inop

Quite a common problem with three possible causes.

Mondeo 2001 Diesel excessive noise on tick over

If there is excessive knocking/vibration from the engine on tick over we have the answer.

Mondeo 2001 Diesel knocking/vibration on accelerating

This generally occurs just after a gear change and heard as you accelerate hard.

Mondeo '97 excessive seat movement

Some Mondeos can suffer with excessive movement of the front seats, find out the causes and remedy by signing up.

Mondeo '97 air con inop

We have found the most common problem is quite easy to repair (but a re-gas afterwards is required.

97 Mondeo with a persistent knock from the front

If you have a knocking noise front the front of the car which sounds like a suspension knock and all other avenues have been tried

2001 Mondeo Creak from Steering

This can be a very simple and cheap fault to cure.

2001 Mondeo Dash Mileage display showing -------

This can be caused by a few things we know of 4 possibles!

2001 Mondeo diesel Excessive smoke/poor running

A simple check could save you

If you can't see your problem on the site or you are unsure of anything, then sign up for membership and let us do the work for you. As a member we guarantee to answer all member's emails, from the smallest problem to the more complex. For our small membership fee we can help you save hundreds! Sign up here, it's quick and easy and probably the best 12.50 you'll ever spend on your car.



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