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Below we have listed a few of the most common problems  the Ford Ka suffers from. If you see you fault below and you wish to find out the causes, the cures and how to fix it then sign up for membership. Can you afford not to? There are many more problems that we haven't listed but we can still help you save money getting your car back to full health.

Stalling at junctions.
Ka's stalling at junctions or to a lesser extent on gear changes. The fix is very easy and there is no setting up to do afterwards.

Over revving.
This is a common concern and is fairly straight forward to fix and there is no setting up to do afterwards. 

Central door locking inop.
This is quite a common problem of vehicles built between 08.1996 and  01.2000 some technical ability is required to over come this concern.

Loud tappet noise. 
The tappet on this slightly outdate engine tend to be a bit noisy, however, if you find one is particularly noisy then you could possibly have something more serious going on

Air conditioning leak. 
The Air con on a Ka is usually pretty reliable but should it fail then there are a couple of known concerns to look out for.

Knocking noise from dash area. 
If a vehicle emits a knocking noise from the dash area when the heater is set between min and max then it is a common fault on the Ka

Damp musty smell from air conditioning. 
We have to solution to this concern without the need to replace any parts.

Blower inop. 
If the blower inop on settings 1,2,3 and is accompanied with a burning smell then we have the answer and it is fairly easy to rectify.

Heater inop. 
Again a fairly common concern but easily rectified. It will either stick on hot or cold and cannot be adjusted.

Brake fluid loss. 
There are a couple of possibilities for this but with a few brief investigations we can narrow down the area of concern for you.

Front brake pipes adrift 
A potentially serious concern but very easily avoided

Knocking from the front suspension
If a vehicle knocks from the front suspension on bumpy roads there are a couple of possibilities but it is usually quite easy to identify the causal parts

Ka with air conditioning knocking from auxiliary belt area
Not very common on the Ka but still worth knowing

Horn inop

Save some time and effort and find out the most likely cause.

Broken Spark Plugs

Find out our method for removing broken spark plugs

Water in the front foot wells

A job that may be a lot easier than you think! Sign up and find out

1.3 OHV  running rough

When all the usual checks have been had  for rough running it's worth getting our opinion on this one

1.3 OHV running rough

Another area where our help could save you money

KA alternator light on or flickering

We've found a few Ka's with this problem.

If you can't see your problem on the site or you are unsure of anything, then sign up for membership and let us do the work for you. As a member we guarantee to answer all member's emails, from the smallest problem to the more complex. For our small membership fee we can help you save hundreds! Sign up here, it's quick and easy and probably the best 12.50 you'll ever spend on your car.


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