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Below we have listed a few of the most common problems  the Ford Galaxy suffers from. If you see you fault below and you wish to find out the causes, the cures and how to fix it then sign up for membership. Can you afford not to? There are many more problems that we haven't listed but we can still help you save money getting your car back to full health.

Damp musty smell from air conditioning. 
We have to solution to this concern without the need to replace any parts.

Poor performance.
We know the most common cause of this symptom and what's more we know a great supplier and a very good price.

Poor running and stalling
The 1.9 Diesels has a know concern with stalling and we have the answer.

Loss of Power steering
This may be down to something extremely simple yet nearly always over looked.

Air Condition failure.
There are various reasons for this we can give you a list of them and a few simply checks to narrow the cause down.

Central Door Locking problems
Before booking your car in for investigation we can help you do a few simple check and hopefully save you a very hefty bill.

Radio interference on medium wave (MW) and long wave (LW)
A very easy problem to cure with no parts needed.

Knocking noise from front whilst cornering
A very difficult problem to diagnose but a simple one to cure.

SAATC display noisy
Vehicles with Semi automatic air temperature control may exhibit a  ticking noise from the display area, before you pay out for a new module have a word with us!!

SAATC Flashing display 
This indicates there is a fault within the AC system, this doesn't always have to be an expensive problem to cure.

Harsh and noisy gear change 
If the gear change on the manual Galaxy suddenly becomes very harsh and noisy (knocking) it doesn't necessarily mean a trip to the garage, there is a very common cause for this and it is easily cured.

New shape Galaxy Air Condition failure
There are a few known concerns and although it is a specialist repair if you go to the garage armed with the likely cause it can help you avoid an un-necessary bill!

New shape Galaxy severe vibration from the engine

So far this has only been identified on the 1.9TD, it can easily be mis-diagnosed as a heavy misfire but nothing can be further from the actual fault.


Galaxy Wiper linkage

There's two possibilities as far as poor operation of the wiper linkage goes, both of which are very expensive. We can help you isolate the correct causal part

97' Galaxy cutting out or intermittent non start

You could save yourself an expensive visit to the garage with this on!

Cruise control inop

There is a common fault that is very easy to fix.

Galaxy Diesel Charging issues

A couple of quick checks and a little work could save you hundreds!

If you can't see your problem on the site or you are unsure of anything, then sign up for membership and let us do the work for you. As a member we guarantee to answer all member's emails, from the smallest problem to the more complex. For our small membership fee we can help you save hundreds! Sign up here, it's quick and easy and probably the best 12.50 you'll ever spend on your car.



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